Spanish lockdown: British ex-pat reveals Spain's Covid-19 strategy

15 March 2020, 10:08 | Updated: 15 March 2020, 10:10

By Seán Hickey

Spain is the worst-hit European country by coronavirus after Italy, and they have announced they will adopt an Italian style shutdown of the country.

News that Spain will move into an Italian style shutdown whereby its 47 million citizens will be restricted to only vital outdoor movements came over the weekend and has shown another country taking drastic action to take action against the spread of coronavirus.

Chris Lowrie, former LBC Weather Specialist who lives in Grenada joined Tom Swarbrick to reveal what the Spanish government's plans are.

The weather specialist admitted that "up until today its been very normal" in Spain where the announcement has come as a minor shock, given that the country already has taken preventative measures.

The new measures introduced by the Spanish government mean that people "are only allowed to leave the house to go to work or shopping or to the pharmacy or bank" Mr. Lowrie announced.

Spain has joined France and Italy in locking down the country
Spain has joined France and Italy in locking down the country. Picture: PA

Tom wanted to know how Mr. Lowrie thinks "the authorities are going to enforce the lockdown" given the impression that people will lose patience quickly.

"Local police have been given the power to stop people" Mr. Lowrie stated. He told Tom that the police will be finding out where people are going and get to decide whether or not a journey can be made.

He told Tom that "you have to carry identification with you at all times" and if you don't, you simply can't move around the town you're in.

"We've been told that this would be for fifteen days" Mr. Lowrie said. He revealed his skepticism around the initial number and believed that Spain will be locked down for much longer.