Tom Swarbrick Asks Brexiteers "What's Your Rush On No Deal?"

17 August 2018, 12:17 | Updated: 17 August 2018, 12:39

Tom Swarbrick wondered why Brexiteers are in such a hurry to get a No Deal Brexit.

With the Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt warning that a No Deal Brexit would be a "mistake we would regret for generations," Tom Swarbrick predicted there would be a backlash from Brexiteers.

But the LBC presenter wondered why.

Tom Swarbrick Asks Brexiteers: "What&squot;s Your Rush On No Deal?"
Tom Swarbrick Wonders Why The Brexiteers Are In Such A Rush To Get A No Deal Brexit . Picture: LBC

He said: "The thing I don't get in all of this is if you are... an ideological Brexiteer... presumably you have campaigned on [leaving the EU] for 40 plus years and finally, finally it's happening.

"But what's your rush in wanting No Deal now when it's going to take a few years at least for businesses to be ready for that, for the system of government to be ready for that, for our trade policy to be ready for that?

"Why can't you wait? Why is the rush to get a No Deal now rather than waiting for two, three, four, five, ten years when we've got the ability to be able to do these things and we can do it safely then?"

Jeremy Hunt later tweeted that his words "should not be misrepresented" and the UK would only "sign up to a deal that respects the referendum result."