Tom Swarbrick's Perfect Response To People's Vote Over Second Referendum

20 August 2018, 12:21 | Updated: 20 August 2018, 12:25

When an anti-Brexit campaigner told LBC that we need a second vote because politicians weren't telling the truth, Tom Swarbrick had a brilliant comeback.

Richard Brooks from The People's Vote said that politicians weren't keeping the promises they made before the referendum in 2016.

He said: "There should be more money for the NHS, but that's not going to be funded by a Brexit dividend. Brexit is going to be a significant drag on the economy.

"It's not going to make funds for the economy. There's the £50bn divorce bill that we weren't told about. The great US trade deal that's been put paid to by Donald Trump.

"For a lot of people, whether you voted Leave or Remain and whether or not you want to remain in the European Union in the future, the world is a very different place than 2016."

Tom Swarbrick
Tom Swarbrick. Picture: LBC

But Tom responded: "So you believe that politicians who made promises during the referendum should keep them?"

When Mr Brooks agreed with that, Tom asked him: "Well shouldn't David Cameron's promise that we would implement what we decide also be kept? He said we would implement the result in full.

"What you're asking for is for more politicians to be seen to be lying. You want the word of David Cameron to be gone back on here."

The conversation was fascinating. Watch it at the top of the page.