Two Callers Go At Each Other In Explosive Row Over Prisoners Rights

10 September 2018, 12:46 | Updated: 10 September 2018, 12:49

Tom Swarbrick couldn't contain himself as two callers went at each other over the rights of prisoners.

Two callers who disagree on how prisoners should be treated antagonised each other as they argued over the idea of installing telephones in prison cells.

Bill said that he never hears anything about the victims of crime.

But the row exploded when John, a prisoner rights campaigner, said that the prisoners are the victims.

"You're an idiot!" John replied. "They are victims, they're being denied their human right to vote for a start"

Tom Swarbrick
Tom Swarbrick couldn't contain himself as the two callers went at each other. Picture: LBC

"Don't talk stupid!" Bill replied

"You commit these crimes and you expect everybody to bow down and look after you, and give you all the luxuries.

"Grow up mate!

"You're the idiots that caused the victims!"

Watch the explosive row unfold in the video above.