'It's absurd!': School 'bullied' over 'football hooliganism' fears after Vindaloo video

6 July 2021, 09:04

EJ Ward

By EJ Ward

The "miserable hard left" has been blamed for forcing a school to suspend its Twitter profile after their version of a patriotic football song in honour of England's Euro 2020 heroes caused claims of "mindless hooliganism".

Flakefleet Primary School in Fleetwood, Lancs - whose pupils once reached the final of Britain's Got Talent - recorded and filmed their own version of Fat Les's chart hit Vindaloo, the Daily Mail reported.

Speaking to LBC's Tom Swarbrick one political commentator branded it "absurd."

Calvin Robinson said it was simply "wonderful school children celebrating their country and the fact we might be bringing football home."

Pupils as young as five painted their faces with the St George’s flag, dressed up and decorated classrooms to celebrate their national team in the Euros ahead of Wednesday's game.

Branding critics of the video "miserable," Mr Robinson claimed the children had been "bullied" into taking the video offline.

"How horrible is that?"

Mr Robinson went on to tell Tom that "being patriotic and celebrating our country used to be Quite English."

But, he said now it is "frowned upon because people think you're being xenophobic or racist."

He said that the children were simply trying to bring people together.

In keeping with the original, the video shot by the school features youngsters and teachings jostling past one another in a rowdy celebration to mark England’s success in the tournament.

But the school, whose choir reached the final of Britain's Got Talent two years ago, deactivated their Twitter account for around 24 hours after a furious backlash.

One parent, who describes himself as a “father and council candidate”, tweeted: “It’s disgusting behaviour these children are being pressed to participate in by the school.

“I have a seven-year-old child. I absolutely do not want her to be exposed to this kind of mindless hooliganism.”

Another online commentator branded the kids “a sea of aggressive white faces” and another said: “It disgusted and worried me.