"Boris Johnson is lying about Spanish second peak figures," Labour MP believes

28 July 2020, 17:35 | Updated: 28 July 2020, 18:05

By Seán Hickey

This Labour MP said he didn't believe Spain is in the midst of a second spike in coronavirus, contrary to the views of top scientists and the Prime Minister.

Chris Bryant is the chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Spain and was speaking to Tom Swarbrick after the roll-out of 14 day quarantine for anyone travelling from Spain and its island territories.

The Labour MP for Rhondda told Tom that Government should be taking "a stiletto when we deal with these issues rather than a great big JCB."

Instead of quarantining all of Spain, he said, there should be a refined approach.

He told Tom he did not believe the Prime Minister when he announced Spain was experiencing a second wave: "I believe parts of Spain are having a second wave just as we've had to have a second lockdown in Leicester".

However he did concede there is "a problem in Catalonia."

Instead, he felt the UK is in a more disastrous position: "I think there's a real possibility of a second spike in the UK, not least because the mixed messaging from the British government has been disastrous."

Chris Bryant MP insisted that the whole of Spain isn't at risk of a second Covid-19 wave
Chris Bryant MP insisted that the whole of Spain isn't at risk of a second Covid-19 wave. Picture: PA

The chair of the all-parliamentary group for Spain said that "people will lose confidence" if the government continues to take a reckless approach.

He hinted that this approach is heavily influenced by Dominic Cummings, while Tom insisted that "he isn't involved in making the decisions", to which Mr Byrant disagreed.

Tom challenged Mr Bryant over why the Prime Minister would lie about the state of Spain, which he seemed to be inferring.

The Labour MP quipped, "Have you watched a Boris Johnson press conference? Boris Johnson was sacked twice for lying."

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