Pensioners should pay National Insurance if still in work, former Tory minister claims

5 September 2021, 12:49 | Updated: 5 September 2021, 12:52

By Seán Hickey

Lord Ken Clarke tells LBC that over-65s should be paying National Insurance if they continue working, rather than being awarded 'a prize' for their age.

"There's no reason why people in full time work working after the age of 65 which more and more people do, stop paying national insurance" Lord Ken Clarke told Tom Swarbrick.

The former Conservative Chancellor and Home Secretary was speaking as Boris Johnson faces a backbench revolt over plans to raise funds for social care by increasing National Insurance.

Lord Clarke noted his surprise when he reached 65 and his take home pay became more than fellow MPs.

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"As a prize for being 65 I took home more of my salary than my colleagues."

Tom confronted the former minister over his suggestions: "How are you going to persuade the over 65s to ring in a new Conservative government in a couple of years time if not only their state pension goes down, but they have to start paying national insurance as well?"

Lord Clarke argued that voters will see the reasoning behind his proposal: "People who vote Conservative do so because they think we are a competent government acting in the national interest."

"The kind of pensioner who votes Conservative knows that, they actually know quite a bit more and he thinks that the Conservative party can be relied upon to make sensible decisions in the national interest."

"It is usually the Labour party that gets us into economic crises" Lord Clarke concluded.