Sadiq Khan and Shaun Bailey clash over how to make London greener

25 April 2021, 13:26 | Updated: 25 April 2021, 13:37

By Kate Buck

London Mayoral candidates Sadiq Khan and Shaun Bailey have clashed over how to improve air quality in London.

Caller Alexi from Brentwood said that she was forced to leave East London after suffering from asthma, made worse by the poor air quality.

Each candidate has his own idea on what is best for the city - but it descended into a furious disagreement over the financial impact of their proposals.

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Mr Khan said he wishes to extend the Ultra Low Emission Zone to the North and South Circular, and wants to encourage more walking and cycling.

Mr Bailey said he wanted to make the entire bus fleet in London green, which he said would be the equivalent of taking 1.1 million cars off the road.

Sadiq Khan clashed with Shaun Bailey on a live debate with Swarbrick on Sunday
Sadiq Khan clashed with Shaun Bailey on a live debate with Swarbrick on Sunday. Picture: LBC

But the two candidates clashed when Tom pressed Mr Bailey on where the money would come from to pay for the fleet.

"The money is already wrapped up in contract, it's the same £130 million that we would have to spend putting cameras in, cameras which are very shortly become out of date.

"If you want to clean up the air in London, it's common sense. If something is putting out dirty air you remove the source, you don't just charge Londoners more and more money to exist."

But Mr Khan disagreed with his opponent's figures on how the city can afford this, quizzing his counterpart on the cost of making the entire London bus network green.

Watch the full clash in the clip at the top of the page.