Student demands 'more focus' on schoolkids forced into Covid isolation

28 June 2021, 19:52 | Updated: 28 June 2021, 19:55

By Seán Hickey

This year 12 pupil demands Government to prioritise students being hit by isolation rules rather than giving Covid concessions to sport.

"I've been self-isolating for three weeks because I do have Covid but I have missed so much education," Jess told Tom Swarbrick. Her comments came after Tom argued for strict isolation rules for schoolkids to be scrapped.

"Online learning is just not the same, it's so so hard to do," she fumed.

The student hit out at the Government's neglect of education as the UK reopens: "It's so hard seeing those concessions made for sporting events and it just feels like there's been nothing for us."

"I pray there isn't another lockdown next winter but if there is, I don't know what i'll do"

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She went on to tell Tom that the mandatory isolation rules wreaked havoc in her school, insisting that "if you ask everyone in my year they'll tell you they've been [off school] at least once."

"Back in September, December, more than half my year was off."

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Tom sympathised with the caller. "It's not just that you can't go to school, you can't see your friends." He said, asking Jess how she has been coping under isolation.

"You just lose all motivation to do anything" she claimed, revealing that having to learn remotely while the rest of her class gets face-to-face teaching.

"I am so so sick of it."

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"You're the Prime Minister, what would you replace this rule with, if anything?" Tom wondered.

The student accepted that "there is definitely a need because [Covid] is rife in my school but, I just think the direct contact thing – they need to look a bit closer."

"I just want a lot more focus on us," she insisted, concluding that she wants "more support and more concessions made for us rather than sport."