The European Super League plan is driven by greed, says AFTV founder

20 April 2021, 11:42

By Sam Sholli

The European Super League plan is driven by greed, prominent Arsenal fan Robbie Lyle has told LBC.

Mr Lyle, who is the founder of the AFTV media outlet. made the comment amid Arsenal being one of the six English Premier League clubs to face an angry backlash after proposals for the breakaway tournament were unveiled.

Speaking to LBC's Tom Swarbrick, Mr Lyle said: "This is all driven by greed. [It's as] simple as that. These clubs already make a lot of money from being in the Premier League [and] from being in the Champions League.

"But basically clubs like my club Arsenal, they want to guarantee that they're in the big competition year in year out and that's why they've agreed to this.

"And I just think that if it goes through, which I fear it's going to be really terrible for football."

Asked by Tom if he could ever see himself walking away from Arsenal, the AFTV founder said: "I really find it hard because I've supported this club since the 1980s. I've grown up with this club. I love this club.

"I really find it hard to walk away, and that is the problem. There [are] millions of people like me who find it hard to walk away.

"And these billionaire owners take advantage of that. They are literally taking the history of our club and what our club has done in the past, and they're using that to leverage and make more money."

Meanwhile, the Government has announced a fan-led review of football in the UK in response to European Super League plan being made public.

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