Tory MP tells LBC why he abstained on health and social care tax rise vote

8 September 2021, 23:14

By Sam Sholli

Tory MP Marcus Fysh has told LBC why he abstained in the vote on Boris Johnson's health and social care tax rise.

The Government won the tonight's vote in the House of Commons on the levy by 319 to 248, with a majority of 71.

Speaking to Marcus Fysh, LBC's Tom Swarbrick said: "Tell us why you abstained."

The Tory MP replied: "Well, I am not in support of the policy as set out in terms of not thinking that it will achieve what it sets out to achieve.

"But I didn't vote against it because I want to try and work with the Government to try to make it work better in achieving its effect and also to look at changing the way that the funding is being organised and being done through the tax in the way that has been proposed as well because I don't like that."

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