Boris Johnson Is Unfit To Be Prime Minister, Says Conservative MP

24 May 2019, 08:41 | Updated: 24 May 2019, 10:45

Conservative MP Dominic Grieve has told LBC that Boris Johnson is "unfit" to be Prime Minister.

The former Foreign Secretary is overwhelming favourite to replace Theresa May, who is set to announce her departure date from Downing Street this morning.

He's widely seen as the candidate that gives the Conservatives the best chance of a General Election victory.

But Mr Grieve, the Tory MP for Beaconsfield, told Tom Swarbrick that he would consider his position in the party if Mr Johnson was in charge.

He said: "I personally have serious doubts about Boris Johnson's capacity to be Prime Minister."

Tom asked if he felt he was unfit for the job and Mr Grieve responded: "Yes I do. I'm afraid he's shown, especially during his period as Foreign Secretary, that he doesn't have the necessary skills and capacity.

"He has made undoubted skills and indeed elements of genius, but I'm afraid his record in that respect doesn't suggest to me that he's the solution to the problem."

Dominic Grieve had strong words about Boris Johnson
Dominic Grieve had strong words about Boris Johnson. Picture: PA

Asked if he would leave the party if the former Mayor of London became leader, Mr Grieve said: "I would have to consider my position very carefully.

"I would find it very difficult to accept his leadership."