Tom Swarbrick Baffled By Caller Who Suggests Jihadis Joined ISIS Over "Teenage Hormones"

28 October 2019, 00:05 | Updated: 28 October 2019, 00:08

This was Tom Swarbrick's reaction, when a caller tried to claim that Britain should be compassionate to jihadis who had been led by their "teenage hormones" when joining the Islamic State group.

Taylan phoned Tom after the former Conservative Cabinet minister David Davis wrote that our government must bring the children of British jihadis who had travelled to Syria or Iraq back to the UK.

The former Brexit Secretary wrote in the Sunday Times that "were we to do nothing, we would see these children again. But it would not be as functioning members of society. It would be as our enemy on the battlefields of the future."

David Davis
David Davis says the government must bring the kids of British jihadis to Britain. Picture: PA

Taylan called Tom to back up the Conservative MP's call for the UK to be sympathetic to jihadi families - and left Tom quite surprised in the process.

Watch their exchange above.

Shamima Begum before she left the UK
Jihadi bride Shamima Begum travelled to Syria aged 15. Picture: PA