Gina Miller and Tory MEP have furious row over Brexit celebrations

15 January 2020, 13:59

This is the moment Gina Miller and Tory MEP Lucy Harris have a furious row over Brexit celebrations.

Businesswoman Gina Miller suggested that Big Ben should not bong on 31st January, as emotions are still running high for both sides of the Brexit divide; instead, she said a celebration could be delayed until 31st December 2020 at the end of the Brexit process.

Tory MEP Lucy Harris replied, "You can either confront it in a way in which you continuously put yourself in a box and be very depressed about it or you can accept and try and use every positive emotion to try and make the best of a bad situation.

"I'm suggesting to Remainers such as yourself, instead of sitting in a dark room being angry and upset, come out with us, have a party and perhaps you can see Brexiteers as normal people with a different political viewpoint," said Ms Harris.

Ms Miller made it clear Remainers aren't angry or upset and she has "never seen Brexiteers as different. That's a really negative categorisation and that's unfair."

She said she would raise a glass to Brexit if the celebration was on the 31st December and "Boris Johnson has managed to pull off a good deal and we have a close relationship."

Businesswoman Gina Miller suggested we should have some "grace" and delay the party
Businesswoman Gina Miller suggested we should have some "grace" and delay the party. Picture: PA

LBC's Tom Swarbrick was shocked at the idea of Gina Miller raising a glass to Brexit after the businesswoman won two landmark legal battles which forced the government to be accountable.

"A divided country does not prosper, we will harm ourselves more if we carry on these divisions, I accept that. What I'm saying is I think it's too soon," said Ms Miller, "have some grace to defer it to a little later."

Ms Harris hit back, "It's about celebrating peoples' efforts to make this country an independent country. It's proof that we can change things and democracy does work for the ordinary person. Not just people with fancy views from the city who are congratulating each other and explain your superior virtues to us."

Tom criticised her language, "I thought we were all about coming together."

Ms Harris continued that we should be celebrating that the public have "been heard" and Ms Miller should "let them have that." The Tory MEP then promised she would not appeal for the Big Ben bells to be rung on 31st December as well.