Tom Swarbrick's Explosive Row With Caller Who Was Part Of Anna Soubry Protest

8 January 2019, 12:23 | Updated: 8 January 2019, 12:29

Tom Swarbrick rows with a man who was protesting at Anna Soubry, amid calls for the police to act after far-right protesters harangued MPs outside Parliament yesterday.

A group of more than 50 MPs have written to Met Commissioner Cressida Dick expressing "serious concern" after Anna Soubry was called a "Nazi" by protesters during live TV interviews.

Video also emerged of a group of protesters who followed and shouted at the Tory MP down the street as she headed to the Houses of Parliament.

- MPs Call On Police To Act After Angry Protesters Abuse Anna Soubry Outside Parliament

But Kevin, who had been protesting in Westminster, told Tom Swarbrick that protesters "have to shout to get their point across".

Anna Soubry in Westminster
Anna Soubry in Westminster. Picture: Getty

"I was protesting in a democratic way week in week out," he said.

"I was in Westminster, I observed the whole thing."

When Tom asked what his version of events were, he said: "People are upset because it's been two and a half years since we voted to leave, and now they're saying we're not going to have Brexit.

"Anna Soubry is an absolute traitor to this country."

Tom replied: "I completely disagree with you, and I think language like that is unhelpful because Anna Soubry is motivated by the same instincts as I presume you might be, which is what you believe is best for the country."

But when Kevin said that what she was doing was "undemocratic", he launched into an impassioned rant.

"No no no! We need to leave the EU first and then she can campaign for another referendum and wait 40 years to have that vote because that's how long we had to wait!" he shouted.

Listen to the explosive call in the video above.