Brexit Party Chairman Slams "Coward" MPs Trying To Tie Government's Hands Over Brexit

27 August 2019, 08:31

The chairman of the Brexit Party criticised the "coward" MPs who are trying to tie the government's hands by trying to stop a no-deal Brexit.

Opposition leaders and cross-party senior MPs will meet later in talks arranged by Jeremy Corbyn, who says Labour will do "everything necessary" to stop the UK leaving the EU without an agreement.

But speaking to Tom Swarbrick, Richard Tice said they are destroying the government's negotiating power.

He told LBC: "When you go into any negotiation, you have to be prepared to walk away. When you look to buy a new car and want to part-exchange your old car, if your partner says 'we're not leaving the showroom until we have a new car', then you're not going to get a good deal.

"What these MPs are doing is undermining the Prime Minister's negotiating leverage.

"MPs twice, when they voted to serve Article 50 back in 2017 and when they voted the Withdrawal Act to be given Royal Assent, they voted to leave on 29th March with or without a deal.

"Twice MPs have voted for it and then for some inexplicable reason, when it came near to the date, they then bottled it like a bunch of cowards.

Tom Swarbrick spoke to Richard Tice
Tom Swarbrick spoke to Richard Tice. Picture: LBC / PA

"Let's remember that parliament outsourced this decision to the people. Parliament then voted to leave with or without a deal. Now, because a few MPs don't like and and are a bit scared, they're now desperately trying to grasp back control from the Prime Minister.

"It's an appalling way to negotiate when MPs are trying to tie one or both of your hands behind your back."