Conservative MP: For God's Sake, Let's Just Leave The EU

2 April 2019, 07:44

A Conservative MP praised parliament's decision to reject the customs union Brexit, labelling it "a coup against the British people".

Mark Francois, the vice chair of the European Research Group, urged the Prime Minister to get behind a no-deal Brexit, saying "for God's sake, let's just leave".

Speaking to Tom Swarbrick after parliament rejected all four alternative Brexit options, Mr Francois said: "I'm delighted because a coup against the British people has been defeated in parliament tonight.

"A number of MPs led by Oliver Letwin, Dominic Grieve and others who have never accepted the result of the referendum, attempted to overturn it in the House of Commons with the connivance of a number of leading members of the Cabinet, including the Chancellor Philip Hammond.

"And they failed.

"The reason they failed is that the Tory backbenches saw through it, rallied and were aided by a number of brave Labour MPs, they defeated all of the motions, all of which were for one form or other to defeat Brexit.

"Those MPs have saved the reputation of the House of Commons this evening and history will rightly be kind to them."

Tom Swarbrick spoke to Brexiter Mark Francois
Tom Swarbrick spoke to Brexiter Mark Francois. Picture: LBC / PA

Tom asked him how we should break the Brexit deadlock and he had a very simple answer: "We've been arguing about this for nearly three years. Overwhelmingly, the public want us to get out, the polling tells us that.

"The polling also tells us the public believe the PM's deal does not represent leaving the European Union.

"So we're 11 days from the try line - for God's sake, let's just leave."