Dominic Grieve: UK Needs National Unity Government... But John Bercow Won't Lead It

6 October 2019, 22:57 | Updated: 7 October 2019, 20:16

Brexit rebel MP Dominic Grieve has rubbished the idea that John Bercow could end up leading a government of national unity as Prime Minister.

The former Attorney General, who lost the Conservative whip a month ago, told LBC's Tom Swarbrick that the claim - which was first published in the Sunday Times - was "complete nonsense".

He added that the story was "perhaps just put out with the idea of discrediting a government of national unity".

Mr Grieve also suggested that the outgoing Commons Speaker wouldn't want the job anyway - adding that he didn't want it himself either.

Dominic Grieve and John Bercow
Dominic Grieve says claims John Bercow could become Prime Minister are "complete nonsense". Picture: PA

Tom went on to ask the Beaconsfield MP what sort of qualities his desired Prime Minister would have.

He replied that they would need to inspire trust from fellow MPs and ministers, be competent and have previous ministerial experience.

The LBC host also questioned him about how this government would build unity in Britain.

Mr Grieve told him that Parliamentarians "coming together across political parties" shows national unity, adding that he understands why many people outside of Westminster "may not consider it to be a government of national unity at all".