UK must force Israel to stop 'harassing' Palestine, ex-Palestinian envoy insists

16 May 2021, 13:46 | Updated: 16 May 2021, 14:03

By Seán Hickey

The former Palestinian ambassador demands the Government stand up to Israel and push them to strike a peace deal.

"People dying on both sides is something we abhor." Manuel Hassassian told Tom Swarbrick. He spoke to LBC as Hamas militants and the IDF continue mass bombing campaigns in Gaza and Israel.

The former Palestinian Envoy to the UK told Tom that whilst he condemns the violence "we cannot keep comparing the victim and the victimiser on equal footing."

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He argued that the UK Government must step up and encourage Israel to cease fire.

"Where is the position of the UK in trying to stop the Israelis and to go back to the negotiating table?"

He added that Israel "instigated this aggression" as seen through civil unrest on the streets of East Jerusalem and the siege of Al-Aqsa mosque and should be held to a greater responsibility for the current situation.

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"Why always the Palestinian has to bear the brunt of Israeli aggression as a self-defence?" He asked.

Tom moved the conversation on to scenes across the globe in "solidarity with the Palestinian cause" seen this weekend. He wondered if such a groundswell should motivate Hamas to end their campaign and ultimately allow for peace.

"The people in the United Kingdom are wholeheartedly for the liberation of Palestine" he accepted, but added that "the government unfortunately is on the other side of history."

He reiterated that Palestinians "cannot keep being harassed and killed" while the international community stands by.

"Violence is not going to solve this problem" he concluded.