Irish Dad Fears Boris Johnson Will Cause The Troubles To Reignite

3 October 2019, 00:45

An Irish father-of-two has told LBC's Tom Swarbrick that he fears Boris Johnson's Brexit plans for the Irish border will cause The Troubles to resume.

Dave explained that the so-called New IRA has carried out "numerous attacks" this year, including the killing of journalist Lyra McKee, and that there has been a surge in young people being recruited to join paramilitary groups over both sides of the divides.

He posed a rhetorical question to Tom: "would Boris Johnson put Birmingham, or Cardiff or London at risk of going to war to keep everyone else happy", adding that the Prime Minister is "putting at risk my family because he's trying to drive through a Brexit deal that could blow up Northern Ireland again".

Tom Swarbrick
Caller Dave gave Tom pause for thought. Picture: LBC

Tom asked why customs checks at the premises of businesses would cause such unrest, but Dave replied that the presence of security guards alone would require protection and inevitably increase tensions.

The caller also argued that the UK Prime Minister cannot be trusted when he promises that there will not be a hard border in Ireland either.