Tom Swarbrick Loses Control Of Debate Which Descends Into Playground Insults

2 February 2019, 13:16

The two callers shouted over one other and disagreed over Corbyn's reaction to sanctions on Maduro, while Tom struggled to maintain a straight face.

Jeremy Corbyn sparked some controversy last night after he slammed the government’s call for sanctions on the Maduro regime in Venezuela over the country's growing humanitarian crisis.

The Labour leader attacked "outside interference" in the oil rich South American country, which is gripped by an economic collapse that has led to widespread shortages of food and medicine.

Corbyn has often expressed support for the government previously led by Hugo Chavez, holding it up as an example of socialism at work.

Caller John maintained that Corbyn is "awful" for doing this but caller Moses disagreed and argued that that UK should not interfere in the internal affairs of another country.

Tom Swarbrick
Picture: LBC

Moses maintained that the interference was against international law but John responded that Maduro was "mad" and a "murderer, murderer, murderer".

When Moses brought up Saudi Arabia, Moses told him that he was a "very confused man" and told him "stick to your PlayStation my friend", causing Tom to burst out laughing.

Tom tried to get a word in edge-ways as the two men exchanged cross words.

"You're the moderator, are we going to go to insults and childish talk?" Moses asked.

As this point, Tom managed to regain control and the men finally allowed one other to make their points.

Listen to disagreement in full above...