Dejected caller stays in London for Christmas to 'do the right thing'

20 December 2020, 14:09

By Seán Hickey

This caller told LBC of her heartbreak after learning that she couldn't go home for Christmas, but was determined to do the right thing.

Renata told Tom Swarbrick that she bought tickets to fly to Poland to see her elderly father over the Christmas on Saturday. By the time she had printed off her boarding pass, her husband told her London had been moved to Tier 4 and she couldn't go.

"The whole situation makes me very confused," the caller said. She branded the whole furore "a traumatic experience overall but I think it's the right thing to do," to stay in London.

"I'm happy to stay here and do the right thing."

She was reassured that her father's neighbours would look after him over the holidays in her absence. "We've got an incredible community there," she beamed.

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Renata told Tom that the decision was a no-brainer for her: "Imagine if I went from London with this new type of coronavirus and I would infect him, I just wouldn't be able to live with the guilt."

"The assumption you've got it is a helpful place to start," Tom said, applauding the caller's level-headedness.

The caller went on to note that her father supported her decision: "When I explained to him the announcement," she said her dad insisted "it just makes sense," for her to stay in London.

Renata insisted it was a necessary sacrifice "for future Christmases to be celebrated with people you love."

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