Army should be deployed across UK to enforce mask rules, caller insists

11 October 2020, 12:34 | Updated: 11 October 2020, 15:13

By Seán Hickey

This caller insisted that people refusing to wear face masks should be rounded up by the army and not allowed out in public.

John phoned in to tell Tom Swarbrick that "the approach we need to take to this needs to be far more dictatorial," noting that enforcement needs to be at the fore when introducing new coronavirus restrictions.

"Firstly we need to accept is that a lockdown won't work because the people won't abide by it," the caller noted, adding that the public needs to accept that masks work.

"If everyone was to wear a mask in the vicinity of other people," he said that the reduction in Covid-19 cases would be staggering.

Tom quizzed the caller on how he would attempt to enforce nationwide mask-wearing.

"I would put soldiers on the entrances and exits of every single tube station and every single bus and every carriage on the trains in London with the power to fine people and detain them and take them out of social circulation."

The caller told Tom that the national guard should be brought in to enforce Covid-19 rules
The caller told Tom that the national guard should be brought in to enforce Covid-19 rules. Picture: PA

He said that the time for debate is over: "This virus does not understand political debate."

"I want these people taken out of society for ages because they are a danger to society."

The caller turned the argument to Tom, noting that if he were to break the law "and endangered society, you would be arrested."

"If people aren't going to have this enforcement actually happen - if they're not going to be fined if they're caught not wearing a mask, what's the point of the law change?"TS

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