Caller attacks Government over possibility of vaccine passport introduction

14 February 2021, 13:30

By Seán Hickey

The Government is taking away the nation's freedom of choice with the introduction of vaccine passports, according to this caller.

Caller Paul was adamant that if a person doesn't want to take the vaccine, "it's your personal choice," and by the Government considering the rollout of vaccine passports, they're taking away the public's freedom to choose.

The argument that it could become mandatory to have proof of vaccination to go to the pub or even to a supermarket has had LBC listeners up in arms.

Tom argued that the Government are "not taking the choice from you," by introducing vaccine passports and merely protecting the nation.

"Sounds like they're going to," the caller insisted. When quizzed on why he wouldn't take the vaccine, Paul revealed that he is "allergic to a lot of things" and wouldn't want to take the risk.

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He added that if he was to get Covid-19, it would be "game over."

"You're clinically vulnerable and you're not going to take the vaccine," Tom reiterated, slightly surprised by the comments.

"Why should it be mandatory to have something that you don't want?" Paul replied.

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