Pensioner refuses to leave the house until she can get her hair done

23 June 2020, 17:36

By Seán Hickey

This charming caller revealed that she's found herself becoming jealous of lettuce in the supermarket during lockdown.

Eileen phoned in to Tom Swarbrick to tell him of her predicament. She revealed that she has been shielded since the beginning of lockdown and admitted that it was "good news to hear today that form the first of August I'll be able to go out."

She told Tom that she's having a dilemma about leaving the house in August. "I'm not going anywhere unless I can get my hair done, which might seem to you so trivial, but to me, it's everything" she said.

The 81 year told told him that she's thought of how she can look the part for when she's finally allowed leave the house. "If in August I can go out, can I go to the hairdressers to get my hair done please?"

Tom wondered if she would "run the gauntlet of going to the hairdressers with your hair like that or would someone have to come to you." Eileen didn't take the joke lightly.

She revealed to Tom that "even putting the rubbish in my wheelie bin, I go out at night when no one can see me" such is the scale of the problem.

Eileen told Tom she couldn't wait to get back into the salon
Eileen told Tom she couldn't wait to get back into the salon. Picture: PA

"At 81 there's more than just having my hair cut to be dealt with" she added, suggesting that the ritual is something she's missed dearly.

The caller from Herndon told Tom that it's gotten to the stage where she's become jealous of the lettuce she buys.

She went on to tell listeners that according to the packaging, "they've been washed twice and blowdried, isn't that great? If they can do that to lettuce, I need that very badly."

Tom quipped "all along all you've wanted all along is to just be treated like a lettuce." Eileen then finished off by giving a shout out to her stylist, telling Tom that "he does such a lovely job of it, but it now needs his attention again."

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