Tom Swarbrick Cuts Off “Absolutely Outrageous” Caller Amid IRA Row

15 March 2019, 10:02 | Updated: 15 March 2019, 14:42

Tom Swarbrick took this caller off-air after he claimed families of the victims of the IRA were “responsible” for their children’s deaths.

During a Bloody Sunday row, the LBC presenter branded Chris from Dagenham’s remarks “absolutely outrageous” before telling him: “Don’t bother calling him again”.

Yesterday, it was announced a British soldier faces charges the murder of the two civilians on Bloody Sunday.

Tom Swarbrick cut the caller off
Picture: LBC

Chris started his call to Tom by branding former British soldiers "English terrorists".

And as the caller esculated, Tom asked: "What would you say to the families of people who have been killed by the IRA?"

He replied: "I would say you’re responsible for the IRA".

A disgusted Tom retorted: "'You’re responsible for the death of your own children?'"

Doubling down, Chris said: "Of course they are…"

Even more furious, the LBC presenter slammed down his fader, finishing: "Forget it, get off, honestly that is absolutely outrageous that you would suggest that’s the response to people who have lost their loved ones as a result of terrorist activity.

"Don’t bother calling in again."