Pupils Being "Conditioned" To Accept Same-Sex Relationships

16 May 2019, 18:58 | Updated: 16 May 2019, 19:59

In the wake of protests outside a school which taught pupils about same-sex relationships, Amir Ahmed told LBC that pupils were being "conditioned" to accept morals their parents did not accept.

Amir Ahmed has protested against the No Outsiders programme run by Parkfield Community School.

The program was designed to teach children about LGBT rights and homophobia. One school in Birmingham has now suspended lessons following backlash from parents.

Speaking to LBC Mr Ahmed said that the main problem was that parents beliefs are not being respected.

The campaigner went on to say that children were being "conditioned" to accept a set of morals that their parents "simply do not accept."

"The school is dictating what it is teaching to the children," Mr Ahmed said. Adding "that is wrong."

The parent said that communities such as the one which is protesting have a moral position that same-sex relationships are "not valid relationships."

When Tom Swarbirck pointed out the UK has a National Curriculum and not teaching  specific to certain communities, Mr Ahmed said the community's "ethos should be respected in the school."

"The school is simply not respecting, or tolerating the moral position of the community which it is serving," Mr Ahmed said.

Tom asked the guest if he wanted his children to be taught to respect and tolerate same-sex relationships, to which Mr Ahmed said yes.

"You don't want to go so far as to believe that those relationships are morally right?" Tom asked.

"Correct, yes," Mr Ahmed replied.

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