Tom Swarbrick hears from caller who lost 18-year-old family member in Afghanistan

16 April 2021, 16:08

By Sam Sholli

This is the moment Tom Swarbrick spoke to a caller who lost an 18-year-old family member in Afghanistan.

The exchange came after it was announced that British troops will undergo a "drawdown" in Afghanistan after the US announced it wants to bring its forces out by the anniversary of the September 11 attacks.

Tim in Scunthorpe spoke to Tom about of his family member Guardsman Jimmy Major who died in 2009 in Afghanistan at the age of 18.

The 18-year-old was killed by a rogue Afghan policeman who turned his gun on a unit of Grenadier Guards and Royal Military Police.

Tim also spoke about the loss of Sergeant Matthew Telford, who was also killed in by the rogue policeman in the same incident.

Tim told LBC: "As the conflicts go and the losses have continued...there is hole in your heart in your heart and in your mind thinks 'what now?'"

He added: "It's not worthless. You still commemorate. You're still proud and everything else.

"But then you think to yourself afterwards 'what the hell for?'"

Britain has lost 454 lives in Afghanistan since operations began in October 2001.

Defence Secretary Ben Wallace has said: "The people of Afghanistan deserve a peaceful and stable future.

"As we drawdown, the security of our people currently serving in Afghanistan remains our priority and we have been clear that attacks on Allied troops will be met with a forceful response.

"The British public and our Armed Forces community, both serving and veterans, will have lasting memories of our time in Afghanistan.

"Most importantly we must remember those who paid the ultimate sacrifice, who will never be forgotten."

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