MP Refuses To Say If He'll Bring Down Boris Johnson After Losing Conservative Whip

3 September 2019, 23:55

This is the moment when an MP took issue at being asked if he would vote to bring down Boris Johnson's government, just minutes after he lost the Conservative whip.

Former Universities Minister Sam Gyimah spoke to Tom Swarbrick on LBC, after voting to hand control of the Parliamentary agenda to MPs - against the wishes of the government.

The East Surrey MP told Tom that "to be a Conservative now is to support no-deal", and that removing the whip from himself and 20 other former Tory MPs is "a purge".

Sam Gyimah
Sam Gyimah, who has lost the Conservative whip after voting against the Government. Picture: PA

When Tom asked if Mr Gyimah if he would vote against the Government in a vote of no confidence, the newly independent MP questioned why Tom was even asking that question, adding "it's not my government".