Vaccine passports are a "very serious" infringement of liberty, says Tory Andrew Bridgen

1 August 2021, 10:47

By Asher McShane

A Tory MP who signed a declaration against vaccine passports told LBC today that he thinks they are a "very serious" infringement on people's liberty.

Andrew Bridgen, one of 43 Conservative MPs to sign the declaration told Tom Swarbrick that he believes Parliament should be recalled from recess if ministers are "serious" about asking people to show proof of their vaccine status to gain entry to domestic venues and events.

In an interview with Swarbrick on Sunday he said: "I think if the Government is serious about the threat of bringing in domestic vaccine passports, then of course Parliament should be recalled.

"This is a very serious infringement on people's liberties, it is basically unprecedented in this country, and I and a number of colleagues would oppose it.

"I think it is a very blunt instrument, to threaten people with domestic Covid passports. I personally don't think it would get through the House of Commons in any event and that's why the Government has moved on to this 'carrot' inducements for young people."

Mr Bridgen, who predicted a vote on vaccine passports in the Commons would result in an "embarrassing defeat" for Boris Johnson's administration, added: "I've pointed out to the Government they are trying to aggressively coerce these young people.

"In the next few years, we are going to have another general election and we are going to be asking them for a vote - this is not a sensible policy."

Discounted rides and meals will be offered by taxi-hailing and food delivery companies to help boost uptake of the Covid-19 jab in a government-backed plan.

Uber, Bolt, Deliveroo and Pizza Pilgrims are among the brands that will be offering incentives to younger people to encourage them to get vaccinated.

The Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) said Uber will be sending reminders to all users in August encouraging them to get jabbed.

Uber has previously offered free trips to vaccination centres for NHS staff.Bolt, another ride-hailing app, will offer "free ride credit" to vaccination centres following a similar scheme earlier this year when it offered £250,000 worth of free rides to London vaccination facilities.

Deliveroo will give vouchers to young people who get jabbed. A spokesman said: "At Deliveroo we want to do our small part to support the NHS during the pandemic, including delivering a million free meals to frontline NHS staff and vaccine centres. This is the next step in helping people get vaccinated and safely back to normal."