This Caller Says The First Tory Leadership Hustings Had a "Positive And Polite Hysteria" For Rory Stewart

17 June 2019, 13:16

This caller told LBC some behind the scenes details from the first Conservative leadership hustings.

Telling Tom Swarbrick that the other candidates looked "resigned" when Rory Stewart was speaking, the caller said she was able to see things that the camera wasn't.

"Everybody just wanted to shake hands with Rory Stewart," she told LBC, adding that during the break the audience were keen to meet Mr Stewart.

She went on to say it was almost like a "positive and very polite hysteria," that Rory was a "potential saviour."

When Tom said that while Mr Stewart was very good at the "unpolished, thoughtful analysis of a problem and posing some solutions.

"That he is, quote, 'full of populist unspecific rhetoric, full of meaningless virtue signalling mush, light on detail, he's great as self-deprecation but he's not leadership.'"

The caller's reply was "that quote would apply more to Bois Johnson than Rory Stewart."

Watch the whole exchange in the video at the top of the page.