Lord Heseltine Clings On To Hope Of Second Referendum

2 February 2019, 11:41 | Updated: 2 February 2019, 11:46

The former Deputy Leader of the Conservative party revealed his concerns that the Conservative party would be "hammered" at the next elections if they take the Brexit route.

After Jacob Rees-Mogg revealed on his LBC show that he would support an extension of the deadline and compromise on Brexit, Tom Swarbrick led a discussion on the topic.

During the discussion, Lord Heseltine expressed disagreement with Sir Michael Fallon that the chances of a second referendum had diminished.

"My own reading of the House of Commons is that, left to their own best judgement, there is no majority for Brexit in the House of Commons", the former Deputy Leader of the Conservative party said.

Lord Heseltine expressed his hope that the House of Commons wouldn't allow either a bad deal nor a no deal, in which case he hypothesised that a vacuum would be left.

Tom Swarbrick & Lord Heseltine
Picture: LBC & PA

When asked by Tom if he had any concerns that the Conservative party would be "hammered" come the next election if they either failed to deliver Brexit or allowed a second referendum, Lord Heseltine said:

"I think they'll be hammered if we take the Brexit route...this present Conservative administration is spitting in the wind of what every Conservative Prime Minister and government that I've supported and worked for since the 1940s told us was in the British national interest, and the Conservative party will carry the can at the next election".

When pressed by Tom on why Lord Heseltine continued to "ignore" the majority of voters who voted for Brexit in the referendum, Lord Heseltine simply responded "because they were lied to, they were told a whole lot of things which simply aren't true".

The former Deputy Conservative Leader confirmed that he was still clinging on to hope of a second referendum, which he referred to as "the most likely way out".