No-Deal Brexit Court Case: Theo Usherwood Explains The Verdict

7 October 2019, 15:27

A Scottish court has dismissed a legal challenge aimed at forcing Boris Johnson to ask the European Union for a Brexit delay if he doesn't reach a deal in time for the end of October deadline.

Businessman Dale Vince, SNP MP Joanna Cherry and Jolyon Maugham QC say they will now appeal Lord Pentland's decision at Edinburgh's Court of Session.

Speaking of the verdict, LBC's Political Editor Theo Usherwood reported: "When the court made its ruling today, it said that because Boris Johnson and the government had given a commitment on Friday, it did not see any reason why it needed to follow that up with an order that if Boris Johnson isn't going to seek an extension to Article 50 until January 31st, then a judge in the Scottish court would seek that extension on behalf of the British government.

Jo Maugham was one of the lawyers taking Boris Johnson to court
Jo Maugham was one of the lawyers taking Boris Johnson to court. Picture: PA

"The message from that, of course, is that if Boris Johnson doesn't comply with the law and goes back on those unequivocal assurances, then the court would be willing to step in and seek an extension to Article 50.

"That's the inference and it would take a separate court case to go through that."

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