Nigel Farage is "the puppet boy of Arron Banks", says furious caller

11 November 2019, 15:51 | Updated: 11 November 2019, 15:53

This furious caller said Nigel Farage is a "complete narcissist" and the "puppet boy" of Arron Banks, after Farage pulled out of challenging 317 Tory seats in the general election.

Daisy from Rochester said she was not surprised by this move as it is "typical Nigel Farage. He's a complete narcissist."

She continued: "As soon as I turned on the radio this morning I heard Arron Banks had basically said we can't do this, obviously he's like a puppet boy for him, so subsequently what's happened is he's said, 'Oh no we're not going to stand in those seats, even though a couple of weeks ago he's like, 'This is a terrible deal'."

Arron Banks, the Leave.EU chief, has warned Farage he should stand aside to prevent the vote being split which could threaten the chances of the UK leaving the EU.

Daisy said people were planning to vote for him because "Brexit means Brexit" but now he's not following through.

She thought it was "ridiculous" that callers thought Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn would be dangerous for the country and actually "they're quoting verbatim from the right wing media."

The Brexit Party, she said, is a single issue party with no plans for any other social issue; however Labour has addressed its plans for social services, the NHS, etc.

Shelagh countered: "Maybe Nigel Farage has looked at seats like Rochester and thought 'what's the point of us wading in there'?"

Daisy said that Nigel Farage claims he's a man of the people, "but all of a sudden Arron Banks has got involved and let's not forget he donated an awful lot of money to Nigel Farage so he is a little bit of his puppet boy."

She continued that Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage are liars and for anybody with "half a brain", we couldn't have just left on 31 October.

Shelagh agreed and pointed out that Mr Johnson had said "Norway looks nice" three years ago, yet now denies ever mentioning the country.