Prince Harry's "the spare, we don't need him", says furious caller

18 November 2019, 17:07

Shelagh Fogarty was left momentarily speechless after this caller gives damning criticism of the Royal Family.

Eleanor from Barnet said she watched Prince Andrew's interview "with absolute horror" and continued that fundamentally, the Royal Family should have fewer members using tax payer's money for aspects of their life such as security.

"Our modern royals are very overprivileged, very spoilt and very self-indulged people who do exactly what they want to do. And what I fear the most - the people who are going to be hurt the most from this terrible interview - is Prince Andrew's staff who will probably be sacked because of the advice they gave him," she said.

Eleanor continued: "After the Queen, the minor roles should be abolished."

The caller said Prince Andrew's children, who are unpopular with the public, "shouldn't get a penny from the public purse."

"We've got enough problems in this country without keeping these people in the styles to which they have become accustomed," she said, "nobody's interested in them."

Eleanor said Harry and Meghan can do as they please "just stop taking the money"
Eleanor said Harry and Meghan can do as they please "just stop taking the money". Picture: PA

Shelagh countered that Eleanor's statement may not be entirely true: "I imagine that the threat - the prize of a royal kidnap or the prize of harming a member of the royal family from the point of view of terrorist organisations is pretty big, would be my guess."

Eleanor entirely disagreed with Shelagh and said royals such as Prince Harry and Meghan "do exactly what they want to do" which is fine, but "stop taking the money, just stop taking the money."

"But if they do jobs in the name of the Crown, they're working for the Crown, aren't they?" asked Shelagh.

Eleanor replied that they don't need to do jobs for the Crown, "how often does Harry do anything?"

"The only one who works hard is Anne," said the caller, "she's the only one who's not given her children a title. She's exactly how we would like the modern monarchy to be. She's got it right."

Shelagh agreed with this observation: "You think even ditch Harry, so to speak?"

"I do," said Eleanor, "he's the spare, we don't need him."