72-Year-Old Angela's Story About Kindness Will Put A Smile On Your Face

27 October 2016, 17:52

One elderly caller showed just how much a small thing like a smile can change someone's day.

Shelagh Fogarty was talking about acts of kindness in response to the story about a group of young children in Liverpool who collected money with their 'Penny For The Guy' and then gave it all to a homeless man. Angela from Peterborough phoned in with her own story of kindness.

She was on the way home on the bus "feeling sorry for herself" when a man put a bulging bag of shopping on the seat next to her. Seeing the bag was on the verge of splitting, Angela kindly gave him a spare, stronger bag that she had. His response made her day.

"I can't believe this." the man said to her "I've never had anyone be so kind to me. I really think you're a lovely, lovely lady. I wish I could have married someone like you."

Angela, who is 72, told the man "I'm widowed now, so I'm available."

"I felt so much better for this lovely smile he gave me."

A small act that made a big difference to someone.