All Brexit voters are "stupid", says caller

17 December 2019, 14:49

This caller said all people who voted for Brexit are "stupid".

"If you vote for Brexit and then the next day the most Googled thing was 'what is the EU', I'm sorry, that doesn't show a very bright person," said Dee.

Shelagh pointed out, "You don't know who did that Googling. It could've been a Leaver or a Remainer."

She then exemplified Wales, where "a lot of them voted out" and yet "they get a load of subsidies from the EU" and asked how they'd sell their Welsh lamb.

"You seem to be saying blanket statement, unless I'm mishearing you, people who voted Brexit are stupid?" asked Shelagh.

"I'm sorry but I do believe they were stupid," said Dee, "because this country no longer has colonies, no longer rely on people from their continent to be able to come and do the job.

"But we are a big country with a big market," reasoned Shelagh, to which Dee asked, "who are you going to sell these things to once you're out of the EU?"

"Europe still on different bases," said Shelagh.

"I am looking forward to seeing what's going to happen because it's going to affect us all," she said.