Angry caller rants about the "invasion" of immigrants in the UK

14 November 2019, 16:57

This furious caller rants to Shelagh about the "invasion" of immigrants in the UK.

John, who now lives south of London, said "the referendum was about immigration."

"We've always been used to immigration," he exclaimed, "but you haven't had it like an invasion like has come up the North."

John continued that he "did not welcome" the amount of foreign people in service roles, like in hotels and restaurants.

Shelagh asked if foreign people were removed from these roles and asked to leave the country, "do you accept that some businesses would fail because they didn't have enough staff? Some shops would close because they didn't have enough staff? That hospitals would have even fewer people working on busy nights in winter in A&E?"

John replied: "If you removed all them people like you said, there'd be nowhere near the population that needs to be served."

Shelagh clarified whether he thought all the restaurants and hotels are full of immigrants, and said that had never been her experience.