Anneliese Dodds: Government hasn't put in enough effort to make workplaces safe

15 January 2021, 15:49

By Sam Sholli

Shadow Chancellor Anneliese Dodds has told LBC that the UK Government hasn't done enough to ensure "all workplaces are really safe".

The Labour MP made the remark while speaking to LBC's Shelagh Fogarty.

Mrs Dodds said: "I am concerned that we don't seem to have the kind of focus on this that there was during the first lockdown."

She added: "Of course, very sadly we have the new variant of Covid now, which is more transmissible.

"There doesn't seem to have been an effort by Government to catch up around this, to make sure that all workplaces really are safe.

"I would say I've talked to many businesses who have worked incredibly hard to make sure that they're safe. I don't want to downplay that because it has been an enormous effort.

"But we really do need to make sure that's applying right across the economy. It's very important indeed."