Auschwitz 75: Caller asks listeners to help find him find his father

27 January 2020, 17:21

This caller made a moving appeal to listeners to help him locate his father who was on the Kindertransport in 1939.

Shelagh Fogarty takes a call from Doug, a listener searching for his father who lost touch with during the Holocaust.

Doug started: "In my story, my father was the only survivor from his family in 1939. He was put on the Kindertransport as a last minute thing with the families savings.

"I am the only remaining Steinberg out of the family. I've never been able to trace my father."

A caller ask's for help to find his father.
A caller asks for help to find his father. Picture: PA

Doug told Shelagh that he was adopted and brought up in Angleton - his birth mother was Welsh and his father was from Prague.

"In those days, if you were Catholic and pregnant underage by a Jewish man then marriage was not on the cards. She was forced to give me up for adoption.

"I searched for my father but never found him. So I don't know if he is dead or alive."

Doug told Shelagh his father's name is either Bernard or Bernie Henners Steinberg.

He also urged listeners to remember that the Jewish population was wiped out "mindlessly by fanaticism, fundamentalists and people who were lead astray by one psychotic individual."