Boris Johnson won't deliver Brexit "because he's in with Macron", says caller

5 December 2019, 15:41

This caller told Shelagh that the reason she won't vote for the Conservatives is because Boris Johnson is "in with Macron" and won't deliver Brexit, after footage was released of them chatting at the NATO reception.

Karen insisted that the reason she thought this was Mr Johnson was talking other leaders at the Palace such as Emmanuel Macron and Justin Trudeau and that showed he was collaborating with them.

Shelagh reason that as the Prime Minister he had to talk to them and he couldn't "go round punching people."

Either way, Karen said that she has chosen not to vote because her local Brexit Party candidate had stood down. Despite Shelagh trying to persuade her not to waste a vote, Karen felt she could not trust any parties left in her constituency.

Watch the video above.