Brexit Party MEP reveals to Shelagh Fogarty why she resigned

5 December 2019, 14:35 | Updated: 5 December 2019, 14:39

Brexit Party MEP Lucy Harris revealed to Shelagh why she has chosen to quit the party and is now urging people to back Conservative.

Along with Ms Harris, Annunziata Rees-Mogg and Lance Forman left Nigel Farage's party and all are now urging voters to back Conservatives in order to get Brexit done.

John Longworth, a fourth MEP, lost the whip for criticising the party's election strategy earlier this week.

Shelagh asked Lucy Harris whether "her heart was in it" to which she said it is "completely".

She continued: "How the constitution works is that there are two main parties that can win, it is either Labour or the Tory party.

"The unfortunate position we find ourselves in is if you vote Labour, it will lead to a second referendum and a cancelling of Brexit altogether, whereas if you vote for the Tory party they are offering a Brexit."

The four former Brexit Party MEPs are now urging people to vote Conservative
The four former Brexit Party MEPs are now urging people to vote Conservative. Picture: PA

Ms Harris said to vote Conservative was a "tactical thing to do."

She also revealed that Brexit has been on her mind for three years and has both made and "broken relationships."

"For me this is the only way to save it."

Shelagh said that the MEPs are publicly and in a high profile way declaring people should vote Tory over Brexit Party.

"I don't say it with any maliciousness," Ms Harris said, "I say it in a purely tactical way of making sure that the Tories have a majority to deliver Brexit."