British Business Owner: Government Advised Us To Move Company To The EU

12 September 2019, 15:03

A government adviser told this British businessman to replant his company in the European Union because they have “no information” about what to do after Brexit deadline.

The caller Edward told Shelagh he owns a company based in Bath that exports around 85% of its goods to the EU.

He detailed his concerns, such as increased tariffs and the end of freedom of movement which would cause complications for UK engineers travelling to European countries.

Shelagh asked the business owner what information he had been given by the government in order to mitigate the impending issues.

He said they’d sought advice from a number of places, including the Department of International Trade.

“The Department of International Trade, and this is really the thing that shocked me the most, when they came in they advised us to set up a business inside the EU,” he said, and revealed they have set up a business in Holland, like Panasonic and Sony have done.

“Who advised that?” Shelagh asked.

“An individual who came to see us from the Department of International Trade, from the local branch. They gave us some advice and said that in the circumstances, setting up an EU company for us would be of great benefit.

“Which is a shame because that means that they are willing to lose our tax revenue and our business to the EU.”

Shelagh clarified: “An adviser from our own government Department for International Trade came to see you and advised you to remove your business from the UK and replant it in the European Union while we leave the European Union?”

“Yes. And I’m the only SME owner who’s had advice that that would be a good option because they have no information at this point about what they can do after October 31st.”