Caller Thinks Brexit Will Be "Alright" Because She Sees Container Ships Daily

23 August 2019, 17:00 | Updated: 23 August 2019, 17:51

Predicting Brexit is going to be "alright" because she can see "container ships" on a daily basis, this caller invited Shelagh Fogarty to come and see for herself.

This caller rang LBC to tell Shelagh Fogarty that she lives on the Isle of Wight, she she sees "container ships," on a daily basis.

Admitting they are "not necessarily" from Europe, but they are from China and South America. Said said the ships were "massive."

Shelagh Fogarty was invited to Ryde to see container ships
Shelagh Fogarty was invited to Ryde to see container ships. Picture: LBC

She told Shelagh Fogarty "we only have 12% trade with Europe," and that she thought there was "a lot of scaremongering."

"You really need to sit on Ryde seafront and see these container ships coming in."

Predicting that after Brexit "trade will continue" with "other global countries," she said "surely" it's just trade with the EU that will be impacted.

She said she's "got hope in Brexit, I think it will be alright."