Caller Claims Less Intelligent People Often Have More Children

17 January 2018, 15:54

Having more than two children is deeply immoral and it’s often the least intelligent people who are to blame, this man claimed during a shock phone call to LBC.

Simon from Brixton was speaking after a Conservative MP apologised for an old blog in which he suggested benefit claimants should have vasectomies.

In the post, published in 2012, Ben Bradley hit out at what he called a "vast sea of unemployed wasters”.

But this caller stunned Shelagh when he agreed with the new Tory vice-chairman for youth - arguing it was often “the stupid smokers” who were having “more and more children”.

“I think it’s deeply immoral really to have more than two children,” he said.

“The fact is we do live on a planet of finite resources. In the past we solved over-population in the UK by colonising America, African and Australia at the expense of the people there.

“In China they had mass-famine when they had over-population then they introduced the one child rule and now they don’t have mass-famine anymore.

“It’s a really big issue and I think people just sweep it under the carpet.”

Shelagh Fogarty
Picture: LBC

He continued: “I think a lot of people are seeing that the most intelligent, hard working and educated people are not having children and putting it off.

“Where as the less intelligent people and most dependent are having more children”.

At this point a shocked Shelagh cut in: “So you are equating the number of children you have with intelligence?”

Simon replied: “It often is the case that the most stupid smokers are having more and more children than the more intelligent people in society.”

Watch the call unfold above.