Caller Rings In To Defend Labour Then Says Something Anti-Semitic

11 July 2019, 16:40

When this caller rang in to defend the Labour Party over anti-Semitism he ended up being accused of making an anti-Semetic comment himself.

During a discussion over anti-Semitism in the Labour party one caller wanted to defend the party, but referred to Jewish friends as "Israeli."

When Shelagh challenged him on his use of the term "Israeli" the caller said "of course" he meant Jewish.

"Have you just, accidentally, been a little bit anti-Semetic?" Shelagh asked.

"No, I've not" the caller said, adding that he does support Israel.

Shelagh said: "That phrase you used, 'my Israeli Labour friends', I'm sorry, I think you're teetering on the edge there."

"Why are they Israeli if they're born in Bracknell and they happen to be Jewish?" Shelagh followed up with.

The caller said: "It's not me, that's what you guys are saying."

Shelagh told him he was "deflecting" from the question, and that his words were "rather telling."

He replied "the reason I said that is because, I'm saying I believe in the state of Israel, I believe in the two party state."

"I think the reason you said it is that when you hear the word Israel you hear the word Jew, and vica versa."

To hear the callers defence watch the video at the top of the page.