This Caller Thinks Tory Members Have Been Reprogrammed To Support Boris Johnson

29 July 2019, 16:25

An LBC caller can't figure out what encouraged Conservative Party members to vote for Boris Johnson, and figures they must have reprogrammed.

Dave from Dorset called LBC to express concern about the new Prime Minister.

He said: "I wish I knew what it was, that they could reprogrammed the minds of so many people that voted for what is transparently an immoral candidate for being our Prime Minister.

Shelagh Fogarty interrupted the caller to question his reaction, but the caller went on to point out the influence of advertising and the recent Cambridge Analytica scandal involving Facebook.

He continued: "They've gone through an exercise of campaign and advertising that has lowered the temperature on the arguments.

"Once upon a time, culturally, Boris Johnson would probably not have got to the position he's got by holding racist and Islamophobic views."