Callers Clash In Heated Exchange Over No-Deal Medicine Stockpiling

8 July 2019, 16:13

An LBC caller argued down the phone at another as he accused people who stockpile medication in fear of running out are the ones causing the problem.

Steve told Shelagh Fogarty that he had to turn to stockpiling a tablet he relies on because chemists began to run out, and he was concerned that there would be difficulties fulfilling his prescription.

But when another caller accused him of being the reason why stocks are diminishing, the pair began to row.

"I'm amazed at this guy," Peter said. "The reason he's got no tablets is because they're all hoarding them!"

Steve argued: "Unless somebody can guarantee the supply of that medicine, we have a problem."

People's Vote activists protest at the possible effects of a no-deal Brexit
People's Vote activists protest at the possible effects of a no-deal Brexit. Picture: Getty

Steve told the Brexiter caller that he was more concerned with managing his health than whether or not Brexit is delivered, describing the row over leaving the European Union as "just noice".

"I don't care if we leave, remain, free trade deal, Norway ++, Canada, I'm not interested.

"All I'm interested in is when I go to my chemist, I get my tablets.

"I'm not interested in the rest of it - it's just noise."

But Peter argued back, claiming "absolutely nothing" in the supply chain has changed.

"The only reason he's got no tablets is because people like him, understandably, are hoarding," he said.

"It's understandable if your life or wellbeing is dependent, but that's what's causing the problem."

Steve replied: "So many people are hoarding so much stuff, they're not doing that because they think everything's going to be okay, they're worried about it.

"I'm not interested if we leave or stay, that's irrelevant to me at this moment, I want my medicine when I go to the chemist."

Watch the row unfold in the video above.