Furious caller: "Carers should stop whinging and get their own coronavirus tests"

30 July 2020, 17:52

By Fiona Jones

This furious caller told carers to "use their brains" and get a coronavirus test themselves after hearing them "whinging" that their workplaces hadn't provided any.

As a heating engineer, Danny has to go into his customers' houses so to protect everyone he has been "having tests weekly."

"It doesn't cost anything, you just go on the website," Danny said, "it takes five minutes and you get the results with in 24 hours."

Referring to carers, he said he was "so angry": "You've got professional people ringing you up without the common sense to get themselves tested...why do they have to be told by the Government?"

Danny insisted to Shelagh Fogarty that because she is a sensible woman, she would definitely take it upon herself to get tested if she were a carer.

He continued that people are just "lazy", which Shelagh refuted: "I don't think it's lazy. The NHS workers I know, particularly those that don't have high status in the NHS...it's a bit like the army, there's a great deal of obedience in their DNA."

Shelagh conceded that she would get "absolutely" get a test independently if she was an NHS worker but she is "naughty" unlike the dedicated health workers.

Equally, if she saw a test centre full, she would not take the test as "carers absolutely need it."

Danny asked Shelagh why was not telling carers to "use their brains" and get a test, and Shelagh retorted that she did not agree with reprimanding or denigrating NHS workers and carers.