Disabled Caller Describes Heartbreaking Reality of Austerity

14 December 2018, 15:38 | Updated: 14 December 2018, 15:43

This disabled caller told Shelagh her heartbreaking story of living in austerity.

Following reports that the number of children living with their parents in temporary accommodation is at its highest for 11 years, Shelagh Fogarty wanted to talk to callers living in poverty.

One particularly poignant call came from Jackie who said that she hadn't received ESA for 18 months because she hadn't been able to attend an appointment at the Disability Benefit Test centre as there was no wheelchair ramp. She also said she had been denied Jobseeker's Allowance as she was too sick to work.

Shelagh Fogarty
Shelagh Fogarty. Picture: LBC

The caller revealed that the situation had severely affected her mental health but that she had been unable to receive mental health support since the building where they provide such services was also inaccessible in a wheelchair.

Jackie also added that her care had been taken away in August, leaving her unable to even wash her own hair.

Jackie went on to describe how she is currently living with her disabled friend, with whom she tops and tails, and her friend's son also stays in her spare room.

After describing the stark reality which she faces every day, she poignantly added, "that is the reality of Austerity".

Listen to the heart-wrenching call in full above...